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Water Damage

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Dropped in liquid?

**Note: When your device gets liquid inside, power down the device if it is still functioning, place it with in rice or set out to dry it. Do not charge device or attempt to power it back on and remove the battery if possible. Get your device checked before further damage is achieved.**

**Note if CCRepairz cannot get the device to function properly, we don’t charge you! If our techs can get the device to function, we highly recommend to backup the device immediately.**  

Set up an appointment to drop off your device. We’ll log you into our system for a Free Diagnostic so we can correctly identify the problem. You will not be issued a charge until we give you a call with the diagnostic and you are comfortable to move forward with the repair.

When we fully diagnose the problem with your water damaged device, we give you a call for the cost of any parts, (if any), that were damaged due to corrosion + repair.  If you are comfortable to move forward with the repair, our techs will work delicately to ensure your device will function properly

You will receive a courtesy call from CCRepairz to let you know your repair is finished and the device is ready for pickup.

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