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Trying to Unlock your device to another carrier?

CCRepairz can assist you in switching to a new carrier without the hassle! We have helped many clients ,within the Henderson area making their switch, as convenient and simple as possible.


What does “Unlocking” your device mean?

Some Carries will give you the choice of being able to leave their service with as easy as a phone call. This will allow your device to use other services even internationally! When faced with certain carriers that don’t make it as convenient as it should be, CCRepairz will make your visit as pleasing as possible.

“Unlocking” your device means that it will give it the ability to work on any carrier and can be easy as switching your SIM card within your device. This Process will not restrict you from your previous carrier on that device , (with exception of Sprint), so no worries!


How long does this process take?

The “unlocking” process can take up to 10 days total, depending on the device and carrier, but also can take up to 24  hours. Call us, or set up an appointment today to know more about Unlocking your device!

Popular feature

New iPhone X Can be Unlocked too!

Apple’s new flagship phone can now be unlocked and used internationally throughout the world! Call CCRepairz and see your options today!

Process breakdown

  • Bring in your device to us.
  • We plug in your device’s information into our service
  • We gain approval for an unlock National/International
  • Once approved,the process will take 1-10 days (depending on device & carrier)
  • Success! Your device can be used on all networks.


We accept your gadget

You bring your device for the unlocking process.


Run your device’s information in our Unlock service

Do not worry, you’ll be able to keep and use your device as the service works automatically while the wait.



You will receive a courtesy call from us when we know that the unlock has gone through. You’ll be able to use the device on any mobile network.

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