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Does your new Macbook always give you the “Spinning Wheel of Death”? Has your PC ran out of space on its hard drive? Do you need extra RAM because you’re a heavy photo/video editor? Has your computer turned off unexpectedly and hasn’t turned back on? Whatever the case may be, CCRepairz can do it all and more!


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  • Storage Replacement/Upgrade:     If your computer is starting to slow down switching between applications or logging in, then your hard drive may be failing you. Hard drives have motors and needles built into them that will last you from 3-5 years. If your device is that old, you’re due for a change! Here at CCRepairz, we can replace your old hard drive with a new one. If possible, we can also recover the data from your previous drive and place it on the new one and it will work like the day you bought it. We also feature Replacing the old hard drive with the new Solid State Drive. A solid state drive has no moving parts, that means no motor or needle, and is around 5 times faster than a normal hard drive.  These types of drives are placed in the newer computers and will last you the life of the computer itself! Hard Drive size starts at 500GB and up. Solid State Drives start at 275GB and up to 2TB. Set an Appointment or Call us to see your options today!


  • RAM Upgrades:    If you multitask on your home computer, RAM is an important factor in maintaining opened applications. This is especially important if you are a video/photo editor. CCRepairz can install faster and more RAM to make multitasking on your system as smooth as possible. Set up an Appointment or Call us to see your options today!


  • PC Revival:     CCRepairz can diagnose the problem within a Mac/PC if it is an unusable state. The common process for this is to come in for a Free Diagnosis. Our technicians will test each component of your device to find the defect within the system. Once diagnosed, we will give you a courtesy call with the full diagnostic and price. Once we have confirmed this and you are comfortable with the repair, we work delicately to restore your device to a usable state. If we carry the part for your device, this is often repaired the same day. Set an Appointment or Call us and see your options today!

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